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The most amazing adventure ever 24.08.2015
The many greens of Ireland 23.08.2015
Heading for Cork 09.08.2015
Off to Ireland 07.08.2015
Tested by the elements! 07.08.2015
Our West Coast adventure begins 05.08.2015
The far, far North and the Orkneys 02.08.2015
The East Coast to the far North 02.08.2015
North to Scotland! 02.08.2015
Luvvly Jubbly. Heated riding gloves and off we go to York 28.07.2015
Five countries in three days. Let the riding begin! 24.07.2015
Don't lick the wallpaper! 18.07.2015
Counting the sleeps till we leave - July 14 01.07.2015